Before You Go

We want your trip to go as smooth as possible. So we have prepared a timeline of events for you to follow and check off your list as the event draws near. The first step is to log into the customer portal to verify all of your info (see below)

Simply click on each subject below for detailed helpful information.

Check-in to your Account Dashboard

The online Dashboard is your personal event guide before and during the event. It includes all the information related to your package, including your seats, receipt, contact info, additional guest info, and more! Below are some basic instructions on how to use the dashboard.


This link will take you directly to the Login page. Please click on it or copy it into your browser.
To log in, make sure you have your email and password used when you created your order.


Once logged in, you will be directed to the main dashboard which shows your upcoming trips, orders, login and security and payment options.  


This page shows your active orders. From here you can view the details of your order, and make payments.


Your secure account page allows you manage your main information, such as address, phone, password, and update your payment options (very useful if you wish to change the card for your payment plan)


This page is where you will need to do the most editing in the fields listed below. To make changes click on the blue “MANAGE”button at the bottom of the section:

  • Flight Info – once you have your flights booked, enter your arrival and departure information here. This is important as this is how we confirm your airport transfer pickup times.
  • Guest Info – verify that each guest name is entered correctly, and be sure to enter T-shirt sizes (for your complimentary shirts) and passport expiration dates (passports should be valid at least 3 months after the event)
  • Emergency Contact Info – this is very important for us to have.
  • Top Artists – please enter the top 2 Artists you are looking forward to seeing this year.

When you have finished editing, be sure to save your changes.

Also included in this page are your room and seat information. 

MY EVENT (coming soon)

Here you can see all the details of the event including the schedule, your seat and room assignment, special events, etc.
This feature will be ready prior to the event.


If you have a referral code this is where you can track usage and redeem points.

Book your flights

If you want to make your flight booking process easy – use our travel concierge Dina Lasky!
Dina has years of experience as a certified agent with Frosch Travel – one the worlds largest travel networks – and she can not only find you the best rates, but can ensure that you are going to the correct airport and arriving at the correct dates and times!
For a small fee you can get peace of mind that you will have the best flight options available and ensure that you have seats (unlike booking with online services that overbook and risk getting bumped off a flight!)

To reach Dina, you can email her at dina.lasky@frosch.comor you can call her direct line at (818) 936-2000

Also, before you book your flights, make sure to check on the pre-night entertainment.
We book some fabulous Artists on the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the main event, and the prices are very economical to extend your stay. This also gives you a chance to do more exploring of the local surroundings during the pre-event days.

Once you decide on pre or post nights, try and book your flights as soon as possible. We all want the best deals, but sometimes if you wait too long you will end up with less desirable flights and connections which could get you to the event late, or worst case, strand you (or your luggage) in a connecting city. Better to spend a little more now to get non-stop service and good seat selection on the plane. Start your vacation on a positive note with a nice comfortable flight!

If you are coming just for the 4 night event, your arrival date is October 24th and your departure date is October 28th, 2019.
If you booked extra nights pre or post event, simply adjust the dates by the number of nights you added.


Confirm Airport Transfers

Airport transfers via shared van or bus are included with your package, and you also have the opportunity to purchase upgraded transfers in either a private Van or SUV (see below). In order for the transportation company to pick you up at the proper time, they need your flight arrival and departure times. If you have not already added this in your dashboard prior to the October 10th deadline, please notify the shuttle company directly using the contact info below. 

Please note – the complimentary shuttle service only applies to trips to / from the Cancun airport to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya on the event start and end dates. If you booked pre or post nights in advance, complimentary service still applies. However, if you are leaving the event before the 28th, or adding extra nights after the October 10 deadline, you will have to pay for private transfers.

To contact the shuttle company directly please email or call Tropical Incentives
Call: Fernando Reyes 00  + 52 + (9982 91 81 98) OR Ana Marquez  00 + 52 (9982 91 86 10)

If you want to upgrade to a private van or SUV (a great deal if you are traveling with 2 or more) please visit the website of our shuttle provider Tropical Incentives where you can also book excursions not offered by the Hard Rock All-Inclusive. 
Check your passport

You must have a valid passport to go to Mexico. Double check that the expiry date on your (and your additional guests) is valid preferably up to 3 months after the festival (around February 1st, 2020). Don’t leave it until the last minute! It’s quite easy to renew a passport. In most cases you can just do it online and by mail. It’s reasonable when you are not doing it in a rush.

In fact, you can now obtain a passport through select US post offices. Visit their website here

Once you have a valid passport, make sure to enter it in the “MY TRIPS” section of the dashboard.

Purchase travel insurance

We all think that nothing will happen to us – it’s always the other person with the bad luck. But … life doesn’t work that way!
You have made a big investment in your vacation – protect your investment with just a small fee and protect yourself from many occurrences such as flight delays, weather, medical, etc.

NOTE – almost 90% of our cancellations are due to unforeseen medical conditions. Many of us plan these trips months in advance, and it’s impossible to predict what may change health-wise during that time. 

Although we can’t force you to buy the insurance, we have a great specialist who can help sell you a very comprehensive plan at great rates. 
Please reach out to our trusted travel agent, Dina Lasky at   or call direct at 818.936.2000 to get a quote. 

You can also go directly to AIG Travel Guard and you can click on the link below to get a quote. 

Lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical emergency


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